Crowdfunding Property brings people together to invest in property. For as little as €10000 earn money from a property. The structure used is a limited company. Each limited company owns the purchased property. Investors loan money to the limited company at an agreed rate. The loan is secured against the property using a convertible loan note.

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Benefits of Property Crowdfunding include

  • Lower risk
  • Spread risk (invest smaller amounts across multiple properties)
  • Higher yield than current bank deposit rates

Questions on Investing

1 – Firstly you need to subscribe to our Property Investment Mailing List. Details of each new investment will arrive in your inbox. You choose whether to receive more details or not.
2 – Express interest early to receive details. Only the first 150 replies will be invited to any investment project.
3 – Invest
That’s it really. Sit back and relax. The limited company will let, manage, repair and refurbish the property. Reserves will be maintained in the company to cover expenses and you should not be asked for more money. You will receive updates on the property at regular intervals.
We are targeting between 3 & 4%. The lower the rate, the more secure your return is. The interest to be paid will be covered 2 to 3 times by the rental income.
The initial loan notes will be drafted for 5 years. At which point you can withdraw your money or enter another agreement. 

Property investment and are not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. You may lose some or all of your investment

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