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The problem

Tired of the 1% return the bank gives you on your money? Would investing in property be putting all your eggs in one basket? Would you like to spread your risk across multiple properties?

The solution

MoneyCrowd will soon be helping hundreds of investors attain exposure to the Irish property market for as little as €1000.

The principle idea is to crowdfund property purchases. No mortgages, no debts, no loans, no banks.

You can choose to invest for income only (circa 7% annual return) or a mixture of income and a share in any capital gains (circa 5% and 50% of capital gains)

At any time you can offer to sell your share in the property to other shareholders or back to the company.

We provide the property investment expertise. We will research, find, survey, purchase, refurbish and let the property. We make it as easy as possible for you to invest in property without leaving the house. All the while keeping you constantly updated with our progress.

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We will be running a referral scheme so be sure to sign up and be first in line for the chance to earn a commission on other people’s investments.