Crowdfunding Property – How it works

Crowdfunding Property Explained. brings people together to invest in property. For as little as €1000 you can purchase a share in a property. The structure used is a limited company. Each limited company owns the purchased property outright and carries no debt such as a mortgage. Investors own preference shares in the company. Each potential investor receives a legal information pack detailing the rights, protections and associated risks of the investment.

4 steps to investing

1 – Firstly you need to subscribe to our Property Investment Mailing List. Details of each new investment will arrive in your inbox. You choose whether to receive more details or not.

2 – Express interest – Receive details. Only the first 150 replies will be invited investment to any one investment project. As a interested investor you will have full access to the investment information and the legal packs.

3 – Invest. Complete a simple application form and specify investment amount / no. of shares required. Submit your ID. Transfer funds to our solicitor’s client account.

4 – Take ownership. The money stays with the solicitor until the property is purchased after which your shares are backed by property.

Next steps

That’s it really. Sit back and relax. The limited company will let, manage, repair and refurbish the property. Reserves will be maintained in the company to cover expenses and you will not be asked for more money. You will receive updates on the property at regular intervals.

Your property investment returns

You will receive your dividends as per the investment pack and as per the options you choose. Options include the rate of the dividend and whether to receive dividends quarterly or anually.

Exiting your investment

Shareholders can vote to sell the property at the time of an annual valuation. At any time you can sell your shares to a third party or offer them back to the limited company. We will endeavour to facilitate the smooth transfer of shares in any way we can.