Irish Property News Update

Crowdfunding Property : The Irish Times

Fiona Reddan in the Irish Times writes about how crowdfunding can be used to get a better deal for consumers and investors this week.

Just like any investment, property crowdfunding can be risky and potential investors should consider carefully before investing. The advantage of the structure is that each property is owned by a limited company, which mitigates against the impact of problems in other properties having a knock-on effect, and there is no debt. gets a mention.

See here for full article.

Strong Pound helps British invest in Irish Property

The Telegraph in the UK is reporting that 48pc more Britons are searching for property in Spain and Ireland than a year ago according to data garnered from

This combined with the OECD saying that property in Ireland in undervalued signals a buying opportunity for those with cash.

This is backed up by a report from the newly formed Real Estate Alliance that enquiries to EAs outside of Dublin have risen 13% in the past two months. See here.

Telegraph link here

Commercial Property : Tight supply, Prices rise

Finfacts reports on that the global index company MCSI finds that Irish commercial property returns were among the highest in the world last year. Source here.

The head of the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI) might have an explanation for that as she expressed concern about the shortage of office space as reported in the Sunday Independent here.

“The current shortage of prime office space in our major cities poses a threat to our international competitiveness in terms of attracting foreign direct investment.

“We need more access to development finance to ensure adequate supply is brought to the market, especially as it is now viable to build prime offices again,”

Other Property News

Donnacha Fox laments the Irish property obsession with this piece in the Irish Independent.

For a bit of balance, and indeed a reminder of the risks, here’s a rundown on the whole property crowdfunding idea by the American site entitled Your Startup is Stupid

The new Irish Central Bank mortgage rules have been heavily reported and received a mixed welcome. Luckily, property crowdfunding investors here at MoneyCrowd don’t have to worry about a mortgage. Here’s a debate on the issue by Hugh Linehan and Conor Pope in The Irish Times.

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